Allan’s Disposal Soil Disposal Service

Allan's Disposal Soil Disposal ServiceAllan's Disposal Soil Disposal Service

Allan’s Disposal Soil Disposal Service

Projects can often result in excess items that you need to get rid of.  However, it is very important to dispose of construction, landscaping and all project material.  Allan’s Disposal Soil Disposal Service is here to make sure.

We can guide you through how to dispose of unwanted soil and what to do with contaminated soil.  When we dispose of soil we do have a few very easy to follow request:

  • Please do not mix types of soil (ie. topsoil, clay, sod) but dispose of each type individually
  • If products are needed to be mixed contact an Allan’s Disposal service representative
  • For disposal of other material contact us
  • Contact to get information regarding permits for disposing contaminated soil.

We want to make getting rid of Saskatoon’s unwanted dirt as easy and possibly and mess free.

We can also dispose of certain CFC white goods, such as:

  • AC units
  • Freezers
  • Gasoline
  • Dead animals-excluding cattle

Whether you have a little soil or a lot of soil to get rid of we have the disposal bin that will suit your need.  You can use any of bins from 15 to 30 yards in size.

We will deliver and pick up your bin as you require.  Contact us with your dates and we will get the ball rolling.  It’s that easy.  We also have experts to handle any questions or concerns you may have on what can be disposed and how to dispose of it.

We are here to help you with all of your disposal needs.

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