Concrete Washout System



Several inadequate containment measures that are being used on construction sites include a hay bale pit lined with plastic, pits dug into the ground, sludge boxes and plastic bags. These systems all have a common problem, they use plastic and they almost always leak, resulting in the release of caustic wastewater into the ground or down a stormdrain.
This results in an illegal discharge which exposes the companies to civil liability and costly fines.

Concret Washout System is a watertight system that controls, captures and contains all of the caustic wastewater and washout material, eliminating almost any possibility of an illegal discharge and thus protecting clients interests and our environment.



ALLAN’S has established itself as the best
available Technology and the Best Management Practice when it comes to concrete washout and wastewater containment and recycling.
Our washout systems are the preferred
on construction sites as they reduce operation costs, reduce the mess and headache associated with other measures, completely contain all wastewater and washout material from concrete trucks and pumps and reduces a company's exposure to civil liability and associated fines.



Self contained, watertight and portable roll off bin to eliminate wastewater discharge

Easily accessible and capable of having 3 concrete trucks washout simultaneously

Capable of holding approximately 5.5 yards
Of material equivalent to 38 trucks and 2 concrete pumps or washout from 350 yards of poured concrete

All wastewater and concrete is recycled

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