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If you have a large amount of trash, debris or waste that needs to be removed, call our office and we will give you a price. Or you can send us an email, with photos of the material to be removed, and we will give you a price. We also have reps that will come at look at your site and give you a price based on the amount of material to be removed.Trash removal prices for single items are listed below. If you wish to add more items, simply add $45.00 more per large item, and $25.00 per small item.

Junk play equipment is hauled off starts at $950.00 for what? If it is still assembled?

We do all the loading and a cleanup. Even a thorough sweep!
Friendly, uniformed professional team.
Ideal for small or large amounts of junk.
Recycled or donated to charity.
Scheduled on time appointments.
Volume pricing. Only pay for space used up in our truck.
Quick and Easy.

Junk Copier Machines

[For same day service call (306-931-2604)]

As you know, copier machines have hazardous chemicals thats harmful to the environment and must be properly disposed of. They cannot go to local landfills

for removal of (1) copier $175.00
for removal of (2) copiers $225.00

Sofa & Love Seat

[For same day removal call (306-931-2604)]

The hazard of removing a sofa and/or a love seat can sometimes be an itchy job because some furniture has been abused by dogs and cats and have strong urine odors and hair with fleas attached to bottom of sofas that have gotten on workers while carrying to the truck.

Removal of junk sofa $210.00
Sofa/love seat removal $275.00


[For same day removal call (306-931-2604]

Yes a hide-a-bed sofa is very, very heavy! Ask the couple who gave up on the steps, trying to get this old monster to the curb. it takes two strong people to handle your hide-a-bed sofa.

Removal and disposal $275.00

Junk Water Bed

[For same day service call (306-931-2604]

The cost to haul away an old water bed with all the parts. It must be drained of water before arrival.

$300.00 ground level $375.00 from upstairs


[For same day removal call (306-931-2604]

The hazard of the removal and haul off of an old mattress and box spring is sometimes foul odor, ticks and bed bugs that have gotten on workers.

Removal of mattress $165.00
With boxspring $185.00


[For same day removal call (306-931-2604]

There are many different sizes of big screen T.V.'s. Removing one could require two to four people if there are stairs. The price listed here is the minimum charge for smaller size big screen T.V. that would be removed from ground level areas, extra charges apply for the big, big old box screen T.V.'s.
also remember your old tv is being hauled off as junk but the tubes are loaded with toxic chemicals that are harmful to the environment.

removal and disposal $155.00

Junk Refrigerator

[For same day removal call (306-931-2604]

We are not scrap iron men looking for appliances and metal to sell. Don't call us offering your dead appliances thinking we'll haul it off for nothing because you think we can sell it for metal. Also we don't repair appliances to sell. We remove and dispose of junk as a business not hustle iron. Call our service if you want your dead appliance hauled away from your property.

Appliances Containing Refrigerants (eg. chlorofluorocarbons), including, but not limited to: refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners;

$45.00 each

And remember your dead refrigerator has harmful freon in the cylinders that is hazardous to the environment. one man removal of refrigerator $148.00 in yard or garage must be already disconnected.
two men required removing from inside home $228.00

Junk Vending Maschine

[For same day haul off call (306-931-2604]

commercial machines or arcade machines can be very heavy and may require two or three men, extra charges could apply.

Haul off of big machine $285.00

Old Junk Piano

[For same day service call (306-931-2604]
Pianos are very heavy and always require two or three men when removing. We don't remove pianos from upstairs.
junk uprights disposal $590.00
junk baby grand $2800.00
junk spinet $740.00

Dead Treadmills

[For same day removal call (306-931-2604]
There are different size treadmills some are very heavy,if yours coming from upstairs it would cost extra. (Read extra cost info above)
Any size treadmill removal $140.00

Junk Armoire

[For same day service call (306-931-2604]
Our price to remove and haul off an old armoire which come in many sizes and can be lite weight or very, very big and heavy requiring (3) people or more to move.
A light weight one from down stairs $175.00. A heavy one from down stairs $225.00. From upstairs (2) people $225.00 with (3) people $235.00

Junk Play Equipment

[For same day service call (306-931-2604]
hauling off any old rotted out bulk size backyard equipment can be a heavy load.
Already dismantled and ready to load starting cost $355.00 email images of piles. Haul off starting cost $850.00 Email images or we'll come to location.

Please E-Mail us pictures

Giant outdated Satellite Dish
([For same day service call 306-931-2604]
Removal of a large dish thats on the ground and already disconnected start at $350.00
Removal of dish on roof email images first
Dismantling and removal of small satellite dish starts at $280.00 on the ground. Removal and dismantling a large dish like this in the picture starts at $520.00


Dysfunctional Hot Tub

[For same day service call 306-931-2604]

We don't MOVE hot tubs we professionally cut them in manageable parts and put junk pieces in heavy duty plastic construction bags and sweep the platform when it's finished then we haul it away. This can take up to 4 hours less time if the tub has no insulation. (email images) allans@sasktel.net

starting price with insulation and wood sides 7ft x 7ft tub $920.00

starting price for tub 8ft or more $950.00

Two Car Gargage Junk

Rotten Junk Wood Fence

Cubicle Work Station


Old Office File Cabinets

[For same day service call 306-931-2604]

This is a picture of a truck load of old dusty file cabinets a business had us haul off from there storage unit. If you have any amount of old office furniture or file cabinets you need hauled off give us a call.

$30.00 each to haul off file cabinets

We act as your personal junk removal service need: With that said please understand that we must pay to have your junk removed from our truck at transfer stations, landfills, and some recycling centers. Because we don't own a junk yard, or recycling center no junk removal services do.We are modern day junk haulers, ready to service on short notice or when you are ready.The price you pay to have your junk loaded, hauled off and disposed of covers labor, fuel cost to charity location when needed, recycling center, transfer station, or landfill fee. Some recyling centers charge per item for electronic junk to be unloaded at there facility.

Thanks for reading this and we hope you have a better understanding of junk removal service expenses and charges.

Remember there is NO FREE DUMPS (landfills) in SASKATOON. We pay by the pound to off load your junk when nessesary.

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