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Portable Toilet Hire Rates - Parties & Events

Construction Site , Road Construction, Golf Courses,
Special Events, Outdoor Weddings, Country Gatherings
Emergency Situations, Summer Sporting Events,
Pow Wows, Underground Mines and Plumbing Problems

We provide the best service with scheduled sanitation and cleaning.
Waterless hand sanitizers and paper towel.
Sink available right in the toilets. (summer use only)
Lockable units for security.
We also supply service to any customer owned portable toilets.

1 Toilet - $209.00
2 Toilets - $341.00 (2 x Toilets @ $110.00 each + $121.00 Transport)
3 Toilets - $440.00 (3 x Toilets @ $99.00 each + $143.00 Transport)
4 Toilets - $561.00 (4 x Toilets @ $99.00 each + $165.00 Transport)

Add $121.00 per extra Toilet up to a Total of 10 Toilets. Orders of more than 10 Toilets please Contact Us for a specific quote.

At City Hire we have a number of options regarding Toilet Hire Rates servicing the Saskatoon Area.
The main factor that determines price is the frequency of servicing required.

We offer servicing On-Demand although we believe that a regular weekly or biweekly service is the best option to ensure your portable toilet is kept clean and ready to use.​

For Events

Hire only - $198.99 plus tax* each for up to two Toilets.

Discounts apply for quanties of 3 or more.
Transport - $49.50 each way for the 1st Toilet.
(Saskatoon ,Dalmeny ,Warman ,Martinsville ,Clavet ,Vanscoy ,Grandora,Asquith ,Osler )

Add mileage we go any were in Saskatchewan.

Extra Toilet Transport $27.50 each way per Toilet.

Toilets must be setup in one group. Additional Charges may apply for setup in multiple groups to allow for extra time on site. Plus mileage outside Saskatoon at 3.25 per km per service .

Prices including Transport.

Disabled Access Toilet Hire

Wheel Chair Access or Change Room (Regular Capacity Effluent Tank, Crane into position.)
Due to the small effluent capacity it is important to limit access to only those people that require wheel chair access.
Hire only - $220.00 plus tax
Transport - $49.50 each way per unit.(Saskatoon ,Delmany ,Warman ,Martinsville,Clavet ,Vanscoy ,Grandora,Asquith,Osler)

NOTE . add mileage we go any were in Saskatchewan

You can also rent our

The portable hand wash sinks are great option for outdoor events including: catering events, farmers markets, outdoor classroom settings, construction sites, and anywhere else portable handwashing is needed or required. Liquid soap and paper towel dispensers (500 towel capacity – 1 roll or 500 single-fold towels) come standard.

Height 62 in / 157.5 cmWidth18 in / 45.5 cm
Depth 22 in / 55.9 cm
Fresh Water Capacity 17 gal / 64.4 ltr
Gray Water Capacity 19 gal / 72 ltr
Soap Dispenser Capacity 30 fl oz / 887 ml
Number of Single Dispenses
1088 Paper Towel Capacity
Weight Empty 47 lb / 21.3 kg
Weight Full189 lb / 85.7 kg
Bowl Depth 6.75 in

Calculate the number of units reqired for an event

Click to enlage

Perfect also for outdoor Jobsites!

Number of Workers ; Number of Toilet Facilities

1 - 10 Workers = 1 Toilet Facilities
11 - 25 Workers = 2 Toilet Facilities
26 - 50 Workers = 3 Toilet Facilities
51 - 75 Workers = 4 Toilet Facilities
76 -100 Workers = 5 Toilet Facilities

Add one toilet for each additional 30 workers or less.

The Occupational Health and Safety Regulationsmed

The Occupational Health and Safety Regulations dated November 23, 1984,
and by Saskatchewan Regulations 24/86, 90/88 and 9/89.

Toilet facilities
(1) Every employer shall ensure that sufficient, suitable and readily accessible toilet facilities for workers are provided, maintained and kept clean and that adequate provision is made for privacy, heat, light and ventilation, and shal provide:

(a) one toilet for up to 10 workers and one additional toilet for every additional 20 workers, or fraction thereof, who are likely to be at the place of employment at any time;

(b) additional toilets in a number proportionate to the number required by clause (a) where those facilities are likely to be used by persons other than the workers and, where use by those other persons is substantial and frequent, separate facilities;

(c) where two or more toilets are required and both males and females are employed at any time, separate toilets for workers of each sex; and
(d) a supply of toilet tissue to each toilet at all times and easily cleanable covered receptables for waste materials.
(2) Where more than 100 males work or are likely to work on any shift and sufficient urinal accommodations are provided, the requirements of clause (1)(a) may be reduced at the discretion of an inspector.

24 Apr 81 cO-1 Reg 1s36


We also sale new or used toilets. Please contact us for more details.

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