Project Benefits

1. Good paying jobs will be created:
The operation will require equipment operators, truck drivers, scale operators, accounting personnel, etc.

Saskatoon and area will service the facility which will create additional jobs locally.

2. Estimated Financial Benefits for the R.M. OF CORMAN PARK :Real estate taxes paid annually on a TRANSFER STATION facility.

The potential to generate a finacial package of approximately $6,000. This is in addition to all the other recurring real estate taxes and other financial benefits.

The R.M. OF CORMAN PARK resident could reduce cost by disposing at a local facility and traveling less distance to land fill . And also by recycling at the same time .

Residents, contractors and businesses may be able to reduce their disposal costs. A substantial cost component for hauling waste is transportation expense. Traveling less distance to a local ALLAN'S facility can reduce transportation expense.

The facility will purchase supplies and services from local ALLAN'S businesses.

3. Significant Environmental Benefits:Recyclable material can be shipped to markets for reuse and recycling as opposed to or landfilling.
A substantial quantity of construction materials such as metal, wood, brick, concrete and other materials will be sent to “off-site” processing facilities for recycling as opposed to landfilling.

Residents will have a place to dispose of bulky items (couches, mattresses, etc.). This creates convenience and decreases illegal dumping throughout the City and the R.M. .

Reduced air pollution, green house gases and energy consumption by reducing truck transportation of wastes.
The new State of the art facility with landscaped grounds will upgrade farm land ( a piece of farm land too small to farm) . The project will turn an under utilized farm land into a productive location that creates revenue, jobs, services and other benefits. Please see property illustrations. The facility will be privately financed on privately owned property.
The R.M. OF CORMAN PARK and CITY OF SASKATOON will realize all of the substantial benefits that have been outlined with out having to expend capital for such a facility.

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