Landfill Fees

Landfill Fees

Every time we take waste to the landfill (roll-off), we are charged $18.00 entrance fee.

Exceptions to the basic service fee:delivering clean, sorted glass or porcelain only in addition to the Basic Service Fee provided herein, every person delivering waste to the Landfill site shall remit the following additional charges based upon the weight or type of waste being disposed:

Solid Waste of the general
household or commercial type
and not requiring special
For 3, 4, 6, 8, (ask for front load) 11.5 , 15 , 21 , 25 ,30, 40 yard Bins $110.00 per tonne (Min 2 tonne) $220.00 hauling fee plus $16.00 entrance fee.
Gasoline Contaminated Soil $149.00 per ton * For contaminated soil with a negative environmental test on the soil. Before removing soil negative land location a 2 business day to complete paperwork, to haul soil to reclamation center. Bladders - $99.00 per load Tamping load - $150 per load.
Clean earth fill; $99.00 per load
Dead animals: (i) pigs, sheep; $10.00 per carcass (ii) horses, or other large
animals, excluding cows; $20.00 per carcass (iii) small animals from
establishments such
as kennels; $10.00 per carcass Note: Cows are not accepted at the Landfill.
Approved special waste
requiring special handling,
including, but not limited to:
manure, pig hair, wire and
At a rate of $130.00 per tonne
Minimum charge:
$260.00 per load
Roof shingles At a rate of $99.00 per ton (minimum 2 ton)
Appliances Containing
(eg. chlorofluorocarbons),
including, but not limited to:
refrigerators, freezers and
air conditioners;
$35.00 each
Surcharged Material:
Loads containing more than
10% by weight of material that
can be recycled at the landfill
site or alternate recycling
facilities (eg. cardboard, paper,
metal, yard waste, etc.); and

Entrance Fee $13.00 per time.
Rate of surcharge will be 100%
of the total load charge
Asbestos ask for pricing
Old Railway Ties 375.00 per ton + $55.00 each and entrance fee $25.00
maximum 8ft long. $775.00 hauling fee + millage



Plus mileage per load outside of Saskatoon.

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